Why Do You Love Handbags?

Why Do You Love Handbags?

In our last blog we shared the story of our founder, Aqila’s, first ever handbag. It wasn’t a Chanel handbag or a Gucci handbag. Can you guess what it was? Well it was none other than a bag by Chelsea Girl (what River Island used to be called before its rebrand). It was the type of handbag young girls and teenagers fawn over and save every scrap of pocket money just to be the proud owner of. You can read all about Aqila’s long-standing love of handbags and how it all started here.

We had so many comments and a lot of great feedback from members of our PK Community on Facebook about that blog post. And a lot of our gorgeous ladies shared the stories of their first handbags too. For a lot of us it was the shiny newness of a high-street brand with its popular trendy styles and accessible prices that started off our passion for handbags. But, it was all this conversation that got the Papillonkia team thinking about why handbags are generally so popular.

Gucci Handbag


We put our brains together and this is what we think: not only are they practical, handbags can be transformative. Put on a beautiful bag and you feel effected by its qualities. The softness of the leather, the shine of the quality of the material and the depth of the colour seem to almost blend into the wearer. As if wearing it you gain its powers! You instantly feel polished and special yourself. Some people say a good bag and a good pair of shoes can give you all the confidence you need. We certainly believe that looking good can help you feel good. To a degree, taking pride in your handbag helps you take pride in yourself!

With heaps of variety available on the high street, a lot of us own a handbag (or four) by a high street brand. There is a rainbow of styles and colours on offer with an amazing range of fabrics too. If durable leather is your thing, a high street shop will likely have something for you. We believe there’s a time and a place for a quality high street bag. Often they’re reasonably priced and do the job you need.

Louis Vuitton Model

Clearly our customers have a discerning eye and though most of you probably own high street bags, you see the value in a designer one too. That’s not to say a designer handbag is cheap by any means – in fact often it is quite the opposite, but at Papillonkia we are on a mission to make these coveted designer bags more accessible with fair prices. Our new and pre-loved designer handbags are often much less than the RRP and we strive to get you the best price we can.

Many of our customers say these bags pay for themselves and are a real investment. If any bag can make you look and feel good it is a carefully selected Celine, Balenciaga, Dior, Chanel, Chloe or a Gucci (and of course others). When you want a promotion they say dress for the job you want. Well if you want to feel worth it, these magnificent handbags will help you feel it.

Chanel Bag Model

A lot of women actually purchase their designer handbags to use and then to sell on as pre loved items. This also works as an investment! Remember what Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City said “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet” Handbag values of particular brands also goes up! If you want advice on this, please get in touch with us directly and we are happy to give you more information and advise you on the best handbag brands and styles as investments.

Anya Hindmarch Model

Often the high street takes inspiration from the catwalk but frankly, the style and uniqueness of these designer creative beauties simply can’t be replicated. Counterfeits are of course illegal and rightly so, nonetheless, the artistry of an exquisite designer handbag cannot be mimicked anyway!

Rightly or wrongly, people make an impression of someone in just 7 seconds of meeting them. High street or high end – handbags have power, so maybe that is why we love them?

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