The Top Five Tell-Tale Signs of a Counterfeit Bag

The Top Five Tell-Tale Signs of a Counterfeit Bag

Our clients are discerning and many are loyal to luxury designer houses that create beautiful handbags. These bags aren’t cheap but they are high quality, high specification and hardwearing. We know we don’t need to write a blog post outlining the reasons you shouldn’t buy counterfeit goods and those that have done business with us know that we feel strongly about the illegal counterfeit market. We only sell 100% authentic designer goods and we are proud to use a trusted authenticator.


Genuine Chanel designer Handbag


The pre-loved market is getting more and more popular as the price of brand new designer handbags has rocketed. So paying a few hundred to a few thousand for a nearly new or an as new condition handbag is often preferable to spending tens of thousands. But, you want to be sure your money is being spent on the real deal. When you buy from us you can be sure you are getting a designer handbag, but when shopping in thrift stores, private eBay sellers or other pre-loved retailers, you cannot be sure of the product being a genuine one. So today we want to tell you the top five tell-tale signs of counterfeits.


  1. The price can give an indication of a fake. If it is too good to be true, it usually isn’t true! The higher price of real designer goods reflects the high specification of leather and hardware. But, price isn’t always a giveaway; some counterfeit handbags are still very expensive. But the materials used will not be exactly the same as the real brand product. For very similar fakes, one of the key ways we can identify this is the weight of a handbag. Each brand has a standard weight or band for weight and counterfeit products are usually lighter as they use substitute materials and will not weigh the exact same as the real brand.


  1. Authenticity cards. Chanel bags come with an authenticity card and this is usually a sure-fire way of ensuring the handbag is the real deal. But not all designer handbags come with authenticity cards. For example, Louis Vuitton bags do not have authenticity cards. If you see an LV bag for sale with an authenticity card, beware – the card will likely be fake! Remember even with a Chanel counterfeit bag, authenticity cards can be faked, but not always very well – the font style and size as well as the trim on the card and other details (i.e. holograms where there are none) are all often incorrect on a fake.


Chanel Authenticity card frontChanel Authenticity Card Back


  1. The stitching. This is a very subtle but important detail that can reveal a lot about the real origins of your handbag. Each brand has a specific way of manufacturing their bags including what stitches and thread they use. Stitching must be high quality, not too tight and in the correct stitch type and colour thread. Some handbags, like Hermes handbags, are hand stitched by artisans and the level of perfection is second to none. No snagging or dropped stitches, inconsistency of any kind. If there is even one stitch that looks less than perfect, it is not going to be a genuine Hermes handbag.



  1. Assembly and dyeing. The stitching can giveaway some insight into other aspects of how the handbag was made. If you look carefully and you notice inside the needle hole that some of the leather inside is a different colour, this demonstrates that the handbag was not dyed before being assembled but afterwards. This is called surface dyeing and is not what you would expect from a genuine designer handbag. The colour of a handbag can reveal whether it is genuine or not. Louis Vuitton handbags use a specific shade of dye and a counterfeit bag is not often exactly the same colour. That’s not to say LV’s don’t change colour slightly with age, but our expert knows exactly what is down to age and what is the wrong colour dye!


Chanel made in Italy


  1. Labels. Obviously you want to buy a “Céline” and not “Cealine” but sometimes fakes have got these glaring mistakes under our noses on the inside handbag labels. This may seem an obvious one, but it isn’t always wrong spellings of brands, it is the font used, where the handbag is made “made in Italy” etc. because this often won’t be consistent with the genuine article. Additionally, how the stamp or text is placed on the internal label in relation to the stitching will be a giveaway. Remember, Chanel bags (as well as others) have codes and serial numbers that identify them too.


Chanel internal Label


We hope you’ve found this post helpful. Remember, you can trust Papillonkia with our team of experts and authenticator to ensure you are getting the genuine article.

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