Papilonkia’s New Website July 2018

Papilonkia’s New Website July 2018

Did you know that before starting Papillonkia, Aqila – our amazing Founder, built a high-flying HR career in London working at brands like Lloyds Bank and UBS? She left it all to build a business focused on pre-loved handbags. She began selling designer bags under the name Papillonkia on EBay in March 2014 and within only three months she became a top seller and promptly decided to launch a website under brand name, Papillonkia.

Aqila’s vision was to make beautiful luxury goods more accessible. This was her dream and she started Papillonkia with the aim to help women to look and feel confident, but also to make financially savvy choices.


Aqila new website headshot


You could say the business was a decision of the heart. Risky? Aqila says no – the prices of new designer bags are going up and up, reaching previously perceived as impossible new heights, so that people are being priced out of the running to purchase a new designer handbag. Pre-loved handbags and other designer items are becoming more and more popular.


Not only do Papillonkia sell pre-loved handbags, shoes and accessories, we sell new handbags and other designer goods as well as offer a consignment service (we can sell your handbag for you!)


In early 2017 Papillonkia expanded from selling designer handbags to also offering our own branded designs of handbag liners and accessories in order to help you keep your bag clean, organised and hold its shape but to also help achieve and maintain a bag’s maximum resale value.


This time last year, we started collating all the feedback we had about our business and asked for more through surveys. The results were telling – our customers seemed very pleased with both product and service, but the website was letting us down. People found it tricky to navigate and couldn’t find what they wanted. So began the next phase of the process of evolution for Papillonkia… we knew we needed to make some changes on the website.


This month, July 2018, we have launched our brand new website – we have taken on board all the feedback you have given so far and tried to distil it into our new look and feel. A big thank-you to Nicola, who won a competition and was face of our summer campaign last year – she is featured on the website and looks fabulous! Also to Lydia, who is featured on the new website too – she looks so lovely.


We are also proud to say that we accept a broader range of payment methods; ALL Credit and Debit Cards, PLUS Paypal, Bank Transfer and Paypal Credit.


Thank-you so much to everyone who was a part of the process by leaving your reviews, comments and suggestions through email, direct message on our social media channels and more. Without you all and without your encouragement and suggestions it wouldn’t have had the same result AT ALL.


But, we still need your help. If you haven’t yet done so, please do take a look around the new website. We would love to know how you are finding it… If you like something and you think it is working well – tell us! If you have some suggestions for improvements, please let us know. And if you’re using the website remember to click on the red speech bubble style face to give feedback on the website.


new website homepage


To leave us a Papillonkia review of our general service, please go to Google type in Papillonkia to leave a Google Review or on our Facebook page.


Thank-you for your business and continued support. We appreciate each and every one of you. Papillonkia wouldn’t have got to where it is today without you.



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