My First Handbag and an Eternal Love of Handbags

My First Handbag and an Eternal Love of Handbags

Today I want to talk to you about the eternal appeal of handbags. Women all around the world have been fans of bags for generations! From saddlebags to totes, satchels and clutch bags – the list is endless and many women (and men) are self-confessed handbag addicts. Why? Well, of course it is different for every handbag lover but in this blog I will tell you a little more about my own love affair with bags.


It didn’t start with the glitz and glamour of Gucci and Chanel. For me, it all started when I was 12 years old and the bag in question certainly wasn’t an expensive designer one. My parents had their own business in Birmingham – they had retail shops. I am one of seven girls and so it was usual for us to work on Saturdays in one of their shops… Maybe some youngsters would complain about this but I didn’t mind and in part that was because they sold ladies fashion wear. I loved seeing the range of garments and styles – the number of times I can remember trying on all the new stock we received in the changing rooms… I lose count! Perhaps this is where the interest in fashion and design eye all stems from. But back to handbags; I remember vividly that there was a River Island at the end of the high street where mum and dad’s shop was but it was called Something Girl – I can’t remember now. Anyway, my younger sister and myself – a 10 year old and 12 year old walked all the way down to this shop to spend our pocket money. We felt so mature and just like adults. Off we trotted and I bought my first ever bag. It was for school – a lilac/purple PVC tote bag. I loved it so much and used that bag until the handles broke! A bag doesn’t have to cost £1000s of pounds, it just has to bring you joy.


Original Gucci Handbag


The first designer bag I ever purchased was a Gucci Cross body in black canvas monogram. I bought it with my first wages from my first banking job at Lloyds Bank. It felt like such a huge investment though the price was much lower than it is now and I spent ages mulling over which exact handbag to have and pining over it. Once I had bought it I wore it everyday and felt like a million dollars. It is amazing how a bag can have this transformative effect on your whole wardrobe. It was definitely money well spent! I still have it now and there are so many holes in the canvas but I won’t part with it. I asked Gucci if they could replace the canvas front and back only to be told: “Madam, the replacement will cost double the amount that you paid for the bag…”


It soon became clear that my affection for handbag wasn’t just a phase, it’s a passion. After that first Gucci there have been more and more handbags. I am so grateful that now I have quite a collection and even get to deal in handbags every day as my business. Yet despite having more of these stunning bags, I still haven’t lost sight of that feeling when a bag truly sparks something inside that says “wow”. I get giddy with each unboxing and seeing the delight in a customer’s response when they find a bag they simply love – especially when it is at a more affordable price than the RRP!


Chanel Rainbow Boy


My favourite bag now is my Chanel Purple Rainbow Medium Boy Bag. It is one of my favourite colours and every time I wear it, I get so many compliments.


How did your love affair with handbags start? I’d love to hear so do feel free to share in the comments or over in our Facebook group.




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