Let PapillonKia Sell Your Luxury Items for You…

Let PapillonKia Sell Your Luxury Items for You…

With Christmas fast approaching and a New Year around the corner, many people naturally start thinking about all things new – New Year Resolutions, new habits, new hobbies and even new luxury items. Naturally, when we make decisions to start something new, we reflect on the old too and a lot of people take the opportunity of a few days off to revisit their cupboards and closets. They start clearing out the old and getting their house in order ready for the new things – be it gifts or simply the New Year and fresh start.


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Have you considered reselling your designer items? If you have any designer bags, shoes or accessories that you no longer use, recycling is a great idea. Remember, what you paid for the bag doesn’t always translate to what you can sell it for, sometimes it is less – especially if those items have signs of wear. But, it is better to resell than forget about it and leave it in your closet gathering dust. Plus, there are times when items actually increase in value and can resell for much higher than you bought it for. If you are having a clear out or decide that you would like a change, let us do the work for you. Whether you are hoping to sell a pre-loved luxury handbag, a designer belt or other high-value leather goods, we can help. Stay on trend and be a Fashionista by recycling your luxury items..!


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This arrangement works fantastically for many of our clients because they are able to benefit from our outstanding reputation for excellence – buyers know that they can trust our high-standards of quality and first-rate customer care. They know we are genuine sellers with a highly recommended and rated service, whereas many buyers are reticent to buy from a private seller as they do not have the guarantee the item is genuine, nor the reassurance of an excellent reputation.When you consign to us you also have the benefit of our reach too – not only do we have a busy website and utilise other selling platforms, we have a captive audience – with over 7.7k followers on Facebook and over 5k on Instagram. These are not just people who come across us, these are people who want to and do regularly buy from us.



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Consigning with us, is only 15% of the selling price and in return we are able to sell your item – feature your item on our website and on our social media channels. Plus you only pay when the item sells. Many consignment services by other providers charge up to 50% of an item’s sale price! Our aim is to make luxury affordable, but it also has to be fair, so we keep our prices competitive, so that everyone can be a winner! Go shopping again with your proceeds..!

PapillonKia wishes you a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year….xxx

To find out more about consignment with Papillonkia, take a look here

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