How to Care for Your Designer Bag

If you’ve just bought a stunningly stylish handbag from Papillonkia then you’ll want to keep it as pristine as possible, in the same way as it came to you – as good as new!  No matter the age of your designer handbag, it should last you for many years if it’s well looked after.  Certain brands are life-long brands, such as Chanel, Hermes or Gucci.

In fact, if you’ve purchased a coveted style like a Birkin bag, then your bag should appreciate in value because it’s so sought after! So it’s worth taking care of your bags. Looking after your bag will give you years of good use and allow you to carry on using it for years on end.  It’s all about storing it properly and making sure that signs of wear and tear are addressed immediately.  Like anything precious, if you look after it, it will always look great.

Are your Hands Nice and Clean?

With a pandemic on the loose, your hands should be scrupulously clean at all times, but especially when you handle a quality handbag. That means not taking out your precious Louis Vuitton bag when you’ve just applied your make-up!  Washing your hands before you handle your bag will stop you getting grease or oil on it.

Protect the Inside

Don’t just throw all of your belongings inside your bag (especially make-up!).  Papillonkia Liners are superb organisers that you can buy from Papillonkia to store all of your essentials inside. You then then just lift them out and pop into another handbag when you’re changing over.

We have superb handmade liners that come complete with multiple compartments and are available in an array of rainbow colours to co-ordinate with your handbag. This keeps the interior of your precious handbag spotless and dust-free (as well as making bag organisation a cinch!).


Papillonkia Liners
Don’t Leave Your Bag on the Floor

It’s tempting when you’re out and about to place your handbag next to you on the floor.  Not only does this put your expensive designer bag at risk of theft, it’s also very unhygienic and will almost certainly pick up stains and dirt.  So, think about where you “shove” your bag.  If you’re sitting on a seat, check it’s clean, place your bag very close to you, alongside you or put it on your lap away from prying eyes and dirt. If you’re in a restaurant, use a Papillonkia handbag holder  that attaches to your table, this stops dirt and prevents theft.  Wearing a cross-body? Don’t take it off!  Keep it around your body and place on your lap if you can.  Always check the surface of anywhere you’re going to put your handbag – you don’t want dirt transfer.

When You’re Finished, Empty Your Bag

Don’t keep your bag cluttered up with your stuff; always empty your bag after use and check the inside (and outside) for marks.  If there are any, try a spot stain remover but always check that it’s compatible with your bag’s material.  Lint rollers are great for removing dust from the inside of your bag.  Leather bags can be gently wiped with a microfibre cloth to get rid of dust but if you do get a mark on your bag, refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for removal.  There are bag restoration companies for severe staining and wear and tear.  Never use water, ever!  No matter how tempting, it’s best to invest in proper cleaning if you’ve spent a fortune on a dream designer bag.

Don’t Leave Repairs

If you notice stitching coming loose or leather wearing out then get these dealt with as soon as possible.  The brand should be able to guide you as to where to take your bag for repairs or find a specialist leather repair shop (assuming your bag is made of leather).  If it’s just stitching, a decent dressmaker might be able to help but the bag’s brand should always be your first port of call.

Keep Your Bag Stored Nicely

Ready to store your bag away?  Once you’re sure it’s clean, fill it with acid-free, white tissue paper or a special bag pillow like this gorgeous faux fur pillow or this handmade velvet pillow  to help it to retain its shape.  Use a cardboard box if you can to keep it away from moisture.  Pad out your bag with the pillow and fasten it, if there is any hardware, wrap it carefully to stop it scratching and fold down the handles.  Wrap your bag up in the dust bag if you have it, if not, use a pillow case instead but make sure it’s cotton because a natural fibre allows your bag to breathe.  Place your bag carefully in a cupboard away from other bags and make sure it has plenty of space surrounding it so it doesn’t get squashed.  You can also place a label on the front box so you can easily find the bag you want without rummaging through lots of boxes.

Handbag pillows

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Leave a bag unwrapped and out – it will get dusty
  • Store your bag without padding it out or in a dust bag
  • Hang your bag, this destroys its shape
  • Use plastic boxes, only use cardboard or you risk your bag sweating which damages the leather
  • Store your bag close to sunlight, light can change its colour, keep it in a dark place (your cupboard is perfect)
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