How Best to Clean Patent Leather Items

How Best to Clean Patent Leather Items

Do you consider your handbag an investment? Many of us spend a considerable amount on our designer handbag and even if you get your handbag for an excellent price, they are often high value. We have spoken previously on the blog about the importance of taking care of your handbag, including insuring it. But how can you keep your handbag or even your shoes or accessories looking top-notch? In today’s blog post we want to talk about patent leather and how to keep it clean. Patent handbags and patent shoes or purses all look fabulous but can show dirt and signs of wear without the right care taken.


If your patent leather is looking worse for wear you may be unsure about what to do. Many luxury designer brands advise customers not to use any cleaning products on their patent goods. Therefore we must advise that any information given in this blog is as a guide and it is purely your choice how you choose to look after your bag. We cannot be held liable based on any actions taken from the intelligence provided in this post. Please do your due diligence and research yourself and remember, the brand advice is not to use cleaning products!


Patent leather is basically coated leather, which is known for its shiny, high-gloss finish. It is almost waterproof and often used in shoes and handbags because it comes in many different shades (like leather) and is flexible and durable and as aforementioned it is waterproof! The only downside we can see to this amazing material is that it can scratch and gets less glossy and shiny with wear. In some designs even minor specks of dirt or marks can show up very strongly against the mirror like finish. Light patent leather also has the danger of colour transference – if a patent handbag or shoes (or anything else) comes into contact with a stronger coloured dyed item, the dye from the coloured item could migrate into the lighter patent leather. Make sure you store your patent leather handbag or shoes in its dust bag or box to help prevent this.


A quick Google for how to clean patent leather will advise you to either buff the leather with a microfiber cloth or for tougher dirt on the leather, to use a damp cloth. Some specialists say soapy water will get rid of tough dirt. For scuffs some say use Vaseline with a cloth and others say “magic erasers” help with stains, but as with all these methods remember to always test a small inconspicuous area of the leather first because some types of patent leather do not react well to certain magic erasers.


There are some products on the market designed especially for patent leather goods. Here’s three of the most popular:

Cherry Blossom Black Patent Leather Restorer
Cherry Blossom Black Patent Leather Restorer
Shoeboy's Patent Leather Care Conditioner
Shoeboy’s Patent Leather Care Conditioner
Collonil Lack Patent
Collonil Lack Patent Lotion













Remember, patent leather and indeed all luxury items, must be taken care of to ensure they stay looking stunning. Do you have any tips for keeping your handbag, shoes or other leather goods in excellent condition? Let us know in the comments.

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