How to Buy Products Now but Pay for them Later

Papillonkia understand that sometimes you don’t quite have the funds now to purchase that perfect handbag or accessory that you always wanted.

So, we have been looking for partners to work with to ensure that you can pay how you want and when you want to.

We are working with 3 partners who each provide slightly different ways to pay in instalments

SPLITIT – Splitit is for orders over £1,000. No credit checks are required as Splitit reserve the funds for your bag on your credit card (Mastercard or Visa) and then draw down 3 to 6 equal payments after your initial payment. So, you pay once now and then every month for the next 3 to 6 months – all interest free!

Press HERE to see exactly how to use Splitit On Site...

LAYBUY – This is for orders up to £1,000 you set up an account with Laybuy, giving them your credit or debit card details. They then allow you to pay for your order across the next 6 weeks with equal payments, with no interest fees.

When you reach the payment options onsite, you will be given each of these payment providers as options so you can pay how you like and when you like.

PAYPAL CREDIT – 4 months interest free credit from PayPal. This will be offered to you if you choose to pay by Paypal and have an account with them.

Buy Now Pay Later Options