Superbrand Prices Rise again, including Chanel

The price of Chanel handbags are rocketing, the brand has recently announced yet another price rise (the fourth in a year). Now, if you want to purchase a brand-new Chanel bag, you’ll have to pay so much more than ever before.  While some of the brand’s classic bags will continue to retail at the same price, a selection of the biggest sellers will go up significantly, namely the Chanel Boy Bag, the Chanel Coco Handle, the Wallet-On-Chain small bags, the Chanel 19 Bag and the Mini Flap Bags.  Expect price hikes of anything between 8 to 12%, not dissimilar to the price of a brand-new Hermes bag.

Other Super-Brand Price Hikes

It’s not only Chanel that are raising their prices.  Hermes is another super-brand that has recently increased its prices, by anything from 3 to 10%.  The price rises aren’t restricted to bags either, Hermes has raised its prices on shoes and accessories too.  Another super-brand that has recently increased its prices is Louis Vuitton.  This will be the fifth price rise in the past year.  So why are the big brands hiking up their prices?  The main reason is the increase in the cost of raw materials and labour, plus there’s plenty of fluctuation in exchange rates that’s affecting price.

Buying Preloved Designer Brands

So what does that mean for you?  If you covet a Chanel bag and you want to buy a brand-new product, you’ll obviously have to spend more than you bargained for but there is an alternative, you could choose to buy preloved instead.  As brand-new Chanel bags are proving too expensive for many people, pricing them out of the market, the allure of preloved is becoming even more appealing.  At Papillonkia we are seeing more and more people looking to buy our collection of Chanel bags.  Apart from the obvious better value, preloved designer handbags tend to retain their value and over time, they even increase in value because they become either vintage items or rare finds.  All of our bags are in super condition too.  When we list our Chanel bags on our website, we also give a brief description of the condition and sometimes, we even sell brand new Chanel bags for less than their retail price.

Supporting the Circular Economy

So, not only do you get to own a fabulous, genuine Chanel bag but you support the circular economy, protecting the environment that we live in.  Doubtless, more and more shoppers are seeking out preloved items that are price-friendly and importantly, sustainable.  Buying something preloved has an additional bonus too.  A preloved designer purchase is often viewed as an investment, with some preloved designer pieces such as Hermes’ Birkin bag eventually doubling in value.  So, if you’re looking for a brand-new Chanel bag but you’re wavering because of the enormous price change, it’s well worth perusing the collection available on the Papillonkia website.  As an example, this timeless super-soft lambskin leather Chanel Jumbo Double Flap bag costs just £4,350 on our website (with an RRP of £7,140)   Or why not look at the CC Mania Camera Case which we’re selling for £2,895, in excellent condition, it’s as good as new. Don’t forget to take advantage of our £25 off offer, for new customers which reduces the price even more.

There are so many positive reasons to buy preloved, as well as the environmental impact and the investment potential, you could save yourself a lot of money – perhaps even put it towards your next preloved Papillonkia purchase!

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