IS IT OK … to buy Pre-Loved as a Christmas Gift?

With summer well behind us now and that distinctly autumnal feeling in the air, it’s time to start contemplating Christmas presents.  If you’re super-organised, you’ll have your list ready and waiting and you might even have taken advantage of the summer sales, but perhaps you haven’t thought about those really special gifts yet?  Or maybe you’re only just now starting to consider what you want to buy.  For those of you looking for inspiration, Papillonkia has some quite simply brilliant ideas!  Specialists in preloved designer clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories, there’s something for every discerning woman but you might be asking yourself whether it’s ok to buy pre-loved as a gift?  Our answer to that is an overwhelming yes – and here’s why (as if you needed convincing!).

Preloved is More Sustainable

The rise of the Circular Economy has seen a huge trend and increase in demand for eco-friendly and sustainable goods. We know that trend is set to grow in popularity.  With deforestation, a threat to marine and animal life as well as the rise of carbon emissions and mountains of waste, people are far more likely to want to support the circular economy than ever before. The upcoming COP26 in Glasgow will highlight the planet's plight even further.

Big designer stores like Selfridges already have their own pre-loved department, and they offer a rental service too, so it’s more than fashionable to buy and rent something that’s already been used.  With Papillonkia you get a stunning piece to keep forever (or sell on at a later date!), that’s been loved before but is in excellent condition and still looks incredible. Plus, you’re doing your little bit to reduce your carbon footprint.  A preloved designer piece will really thrill your partner, friend or family member who wants to support the planet through the circular economy.  It makes it an even more extra-special gift.

You Get More for your Money

Preloved is more cost-effective than buying a brand new designer item.  For example, a brand new Gucci Marmont Backpack costs £1,330.  If you hop onto our website, you’ll find some excellent hardly ever worn ones at 36% off, £850.  We also often receive rare pieces that are hard to find, these might be more costly and moves us onto our next point.

You Could Give Someone the Gift of Exclusive!

Designers often create limited edition collections which means there aren’t that many in circulation.  These are our most coveted items, and you will only find them on websites like ours.  We are delighted to present a number of limited edition or no longer manufactured designer items.  What better gift could you give someone than something that hardly anyone else will own - whether that be from Chanel, Gucci or Dior

It’s Thoughtful

Taking time to match a preloved designer gift with someone who you know will appreciate a sustainable present is genuinely thoughtful.  You’ll think about their personality, the type of designer pieces that they’ll be sure to cherish, and as preloved designer wear is generally rare, it’s the gift of owning something much coveted.

It Appreciates in Value

Often designer brands appreciate in value.  Take the Hermes Birkin bag, buying a new Hermes Birkin can cost anything from £7,000 upwards, a second hand Birkin bag (especially one that’s no longer in circulation) could be worth from £11,000 upwards.  So, you’re buying someone a piece of history that could end up being worth a small fortune! 

We’re sure we’ve convinced you to seek out preloved designer items for Christmas gifting, so why not click and see what’s new at Papillonkia?  When you sign up with us, did you know that you get £25 off your first order too!

Happy Christmas Gift Shopping - Give a Circular Economy Gift this year.