Do You Own a Handbag Liner?

Do You Own a Handbag Liner?

Did you know we sell handbag organisers, also known as handbag liners? We have developed a reputation for the best made to measure style handbag liners – made to exacting standards for your designer handbag. From a Mulberry Daria Satchel Liner to a LV Speedy 30 – we have an array of handbag liners available for some of the most popular designer handbags. You can find them over on our website here


We have many a Papillonkia handbag liner fan and some of our clients have previously given us permission to share images of their liners in action. Here they are again:


Handbag Liner   Anna Liner Roxette


Plus, even Courtney Green of TOWIE fame has a PK liner.



But, a lot of people are still not sure of the benefits of a handbag liner. So we revisit this topic:


What is a liner for?

Liners are known as organisers, handbag liners, or handbag inserts – they are exactly what the name implies, an insert made from protective material for your handbag in order to “line” it. A liner protects the inside of your bag, keeping the items you have inside from affecting the handbag itself – which is why many people see them as essential for use with a designer handbag. The liner keeps the inside of you bag pristine so keys, wallet zips, phone cases, lipsticks or even flint and dust don’t affect it. This ensures you handbag it is in excellent condition if you decide to sell it in the future or of course if you wish to hand it down to your daughter or someone else. Having a handbag liner ensures you are protecting your investment so that it retains value.

There are other benefits too. Handbag inserts also help your bag keep their shape as well as help you organise your items within them.


Why buy a Papillonkia liner?

There is a reason we have a reputation for excellence. Our handbag liners were personally designed by Papillonkia founder, Aqila, and are made with 3mm thick felt.

They have undergone intensive testing and quality control to ensure they meet our high standards. We know our customers are discerning and want the perfect complementary product for their perfect bags. As such, we have custom designed and made our liners with you in mind.

What’s more, we care about ethical manufacturing so we work with a supplier who hires local staff that are hired and paid fairly, to hand-make each and every item using the material hand-selected by Aqila.


Handbag liner colours


Above is the variety of eye-catching colours we offer.

Handbag liners


So what are you waiting for? Snap one up today!

If you have any questions about handbag liners, please don’t hesitate to get in touch


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