Dior at Paris Fashion Week 2018

Dior at Paris Fashion Week 2018

Images from Paris Fashion Week 2018 have been flooding news feeds and magazines. Celebrities from Lady Gaga to Cindy Crawford have been pictured in the Frow. Friday saw Hedi Slimane make her debut for Celine and earlier in the week we had Saint Laurent and Gucci. We could take days talking to you about each brand and each show and even every garment. There is so much to enjoy from the fashion weeks and not just from the accessories. We love analysing the outfits and collections to get a feel of the overall style and tone that the designer is embodying. But today we want to talk to you about Dior.


Dior Paris 2018


Everyone has been talking about their Spring/Summer 2019 showcase which kicked off Paris Fashion Week this year. The show was hosted at the Hippodrome de Longchamp, the famous racetrack located on the outskirts of Paris. But it isn’t the location that got everyone talking.


Love or hate the clothes that were presented (and most LOVED them), the performance had critics swooning. It wasn’t simply the outfits – but we will move on to that later. It wasn’t just the perfect lighting, the quotes like “research inside your body, feel free – we are perfect as we are” that adorned the walls and welcomed guests to the venue. It wasn’t only the modern music with a strong beat. The delicate white rose petals that showered from the ceiling weren’t the show-stoppers either. Even the eight dancers who were a part of the performance weren’t alone the amazing part. It was all this together.


Dior white outfit Paris Fashion Week 2018



Women’s Wear Artistic Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, hired esteemed dance choreographer Sharon Eyal to put together a feast for the eyes through the medium of dance, which accompanied the models walking the catwalk. Chiuri said: “Dance speaks about the body, it speaks about freedom. And fashion speaks about the same things,” so perhaps this performance and the style of the clothes shown shouldn’t have been a surprise.


Gone were the defined waists and highly tailored feminine styles of bygone times. Dior showed translucent, flexible and free clothing that had an almost ethereal feel. The clothes weren’t all flowing, though there were tiered numbers and a lot of layering, there was denim and fishnet style materials too, which gave the garments an edge and reflected the “modern woman.”


Dior Paris Fashion Week 2018


This flexibility or “freedom” was illustrated in the accessories too. Trainers and flats featured and hands-free bags nodded to the appreciation that practical elements to fashion are important too. And, if you thought the Saddle Bag was forgotten, think again, there were Dior Saddle Bags in abundance and Book Tote Bags too!


Dior handbag



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