Considering Handbags as Investments

Considering Handbags as Investments

The price of handbags is obviously affected by a few things; the design, the materials used, the workmanship and production methods, the country of production, the finishes, the packaging and of course the designer label attached to it. What you are prepared to spend on a handbag or shoes and other leather goods is of course very individual. Some women are happy spending on a high value handbag as an investment and others do not want to spend that kind of money on a designer item.


At Papillonkia our mission is to make designer and luxury items more accessible. We sell new and pre loved items often less than the RRP in an effort to make beautiful handbags and other accessories available to a broader range of people. That doesn’t mean that we don’t sell high value handbags, on the contrary, we do offer coveted handbags such as Hermes Birkin bags. We know that many women are happy to spend on these investment handbags and we want to help them access these too. So whether you are looking to pay £150 or £1500 or above, we have no judgement on what you want to spend on your dream bag.


For today’s blog post we wanted to take a look at some of the highest value bags and why they are this price. These are usually regarded as investment or collectable pieces and there is no denying that they are impressive!


Image via Christie’s


One of the most recent expensive is a pre-loved white 2014 Himalaya Birkin. It was bought for $380,000 (£279,000)! Why? Well, it is adorned with 18-carat white gold and diamond-encrusted details and made from Nilo crocodile hide. Plus, Hermes Birkin bags have a reputation as the best investment bags – some studies show they have average annual returns of around 14.2%.


Many Hermes handbags feature in the most expensive, collectable or best investment lists – from a Kelly, to a Birkin or the Hermes Chaine’d Ancre handbag.



Another very high value handbag is pictured above – the Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag that retailed at $261,000. This one is easy to explain why – firstly, only thirteen were ever made. The less available the handbag, the more collectable it is. Additionally the handbag features 334 diamonds that are set in 18-carat white gold and the Chanel bag has white gold straps too.


That isn’t to say other Chanel handbags are not good investments. The Classic Flap and Boy handbags are also seen as a worthwhile handbag to buy and the price for these for a pre-loved handbag can start from around £3000.


Image via Louis Vuitton



High value handbags are created by the more traditionally accessible designer brands like Louis Vuitton as well. Their City Steamer handbag in alligator is around $55k. Why? The material and details – an engraved padlock, name-tag, removable leather shoulder strap and it is lined inside with cowhide. If a handbag is made from more exotic skins rather than calf leather, this increases the value significantly. This handbag was said to be created to rival Hermes.



Another of LV’s designs that at the time were certainly most talked about was the Tribute Patchwork bag, in 2007. 24 handbags were made and retailed at $45k. This handbag was particularly controversial due to the bold deign. People either loved it or hated it. Louis Vuitton created a “patchwork” by combining different parts of 15 different bags from one of its spring/summer collections.


Let’s not forget Celine, Loewe Puzzle, Fendi or even J.W. Anderson, as many are hailing handbags from these fantastic brands as the next investment pieces.


Image via Loewe


Whatever your budget or style, it is clear that handbags can definitely reap financial gain as investment pieces. So if you do have a high value handbag, insuring it and keeping your handbag’s resale value is key. We will be covering top tips for keeping a handbag’s resale value in the blog soon so watch this space.





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