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5 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Buy Preloved Designer Labels

The pre-loved market is growing at a remarkable rate which is no surprise because of the enormous focus on the ethical costs of consumer goods. According to, the UK’s preloved market will grow significantly over the next ten years. Industry reports tell us that by 2023 it will be worth an estimated $45 million and it could overtake fast fashion by 2029.  So if you’ve never bought preloved before, perhaps it’s time to take a leaf out of some of the biggest celebrities’ books and seek out something extraordinary. As purveyors of second-hand shoes, accessories, jewellery and handbags, Papillonkia is a proud advocate of sustainable, designer fashion. Now is the time to re-address how you shop and here’s why:

  1. Celebrities Buy Preloved

We think it’s fair to say whether subconsciously or consciously, we all take notice of what celebrities do as well as what they wear. When an impressive A-lister wears a coveted coat or carries a smart handbag, it usually sells out in hours. As an example, in 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a Preen dress that was so popular, the company sold every single unit and their website crashed in less than one day.  Nowadays, more and more celebrities are turning to preloved, buying “new” designer items or selling their own and fuelling the second-hand market. Some of the biggest A-listers have led the way in preloved, Lily Allen is one, with her own second-hand store and even Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is often spotted in her local second-hand stores rifling through to find some extraordinary items. Taylor Swift apparently spent more than £50,000 in London’s Portobello Road – all on second-hand clothes and accessories and Kate Moss is well-known for her vintage style. Her clothing collection is an eclectic mix of brand new designer labels, vintage designer labels, preloved and high street – we can all learn a lot about style from Kate Moss!  The Kardashians are also advocates of preloved, opening their own Kardashian’s Kloset back in October 2019.

Lily Allen in Chanel at a pre BAFTA party

Lilly Allen at the BAFTAS with her Chanel Bag

2. It’s Sustainable

The world is suffering from so many different environmental issues and consumer goods is one of the biggest problems.  Did you know in the UK, 11 million items of clothing and accessories are dumped into landfill every week, a startling fact!  Additionally, physical products account for 60% of the earth’s greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention over 70% of child labour.  Even sustainable manufacturers aren’t entirely environmentally friendly, because of the energy use in their factories, their transportation systems and of course, that landfill problem when clothing and accessories are eventually discarded.  .

Buying preloved is sustainable, it’s recycling and reusing, no factories involved, no chemicals, no child labour – perhaps the only area where it isn’t sustainable is transport but that’s a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things when considering the future of the earth.

The Circular Economy

3. Rare Finds

The preloved market is full of those sought-after rare finds, especially when designers create a limited-edition item, such as the Limited Edition Hermes Birkin Tricolor Bag.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone – or is it? By perusing preloved designer handbag websites like our own, our customers are often in for a real treat! Actually, the Birkin is forecast to double in value over the next decade so buying one now could well be very lucrative. Limited edition handbags, shoes and accessories have excellent resale value and often, their value improves over time.  If you really want to buy something that retains its value, look out for Chanel, Hermes and Vuitton – these names are the Holy Grail when it comes to owning valuable something you’ll want to keep forever.

The Hermes Birkin 30 Tri Colour 

4. Getting the Most from your Budget

Of course, then there’s the cost-factor.  Without doubt, if you want your money to go further, investing in a designer handbag, pair of designer shoes or designer clothing gives you a beautifully made piece that costs far less than its original purchase price.  Rather than spending inordinate amounts of money on high street, surely it’s better to use that budget for a piece that’s really special? Some designer bags are up to 70% less than new, for example, this Bottega Veneta Beverly Intrecciato bag.  You can get a real bargain, and the type of bargain that turns heads.

5. You Develop Your Own, Unique Style

Who wants to look like everyone else?  It’s always better to stand out – becoming a clone won’t make you a style icon and by sourcing clever pieces, you can easily update an outfit and be beautifully different!  An incredible scarf with a multitude of rainbow colours, a handbag made out of the finest leather and no longer available to buy, a pair of pretty Chanel Pearly Sandals with delicate pearl detail that will never date’s those pieces that make you a fashionista, not wearing the same outfit as your colleagues or friends.

So why not try something preloved?  At Papillonkia, every item is authenticated for your peace of mind, there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve bagged a designer bargain and you’re helping the environment!


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